Meet the Staff: Elaine Whitney

Founder/Director of Development

Elaine Whitney strikes a pose at OneGenAway's Mobile Pantry.
Elaine Whitney is the founder and director of operations at OneGenAway. Photo by Garrett Keafer

“We care about you. We see you. You are important.”

Elaine Whitney is all about people. She wears a lot of different hats at OneGenAway, but on top of everything else, she makes it her responsibility to ensure everyone she interacts with feels loved, valued, and supported.

Could you ask for a better friend?

Elaine founded OneGenAway with her husband, Chris, about a decade ago, and as the nonprofit has grown, her heart continues to be rooted in love for the people in her community.

As the director of development, Elaine oversees fundraising and community relationships. She said she never thought she would be able to ask for money, but she believes so strongly in OneGenAway’s mission to share hope, honor, and dignity through food that asking others to support the cause has become easy.

Having been on the other side of food assistance in the past, she is passionate about everyone she serves having the opportunity to be prayed with.

“I understand there is often more need than just food,” she said.

We are privileged to get to know our community and both the wonderful and difficult things each individual experiences. Every person has a different story and different reasons for coming to OneGenAway, and Elaine is quick to encourage anyone and everyone that God provides in a multitude of ways during tough seasons — sometimes that’s a food pantry.

She is proud to be a wife, mother, and “Lola” to her sweet grandchildren. Her family is proud to have her. And her community is proud as well!